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FAQ about documentary screening

Where can the movie be screened?

You are welcome to host a screening at any suitable venue (e.g. universities, high schools, community centers, hospitals, movie theaters, large homes, etc.)

Can we pick our screening date?

We’re happy to work with you to find a date that best fits your schedule. We request that you plan screenings at least thirty days in advance of the date of the submission of your screening form request.

How do we pay?

Once we receive your screening request form, we will contact you to arrange your screening license and screening fee payment. We strongly prefer payment by card through our secure electronic payment system. Under certain circumstances, we will accept a mailed check or a purchase order.

How much does it cost?

We know that organizations need to use their resources wisely, so we do our best to accommodate all screening requests, however, there is a cost for any public screening of the film. The screening fee is based on a variety of factors, such as: the size of the audience, the venue capacity, the type of organization hosting the screening, etc. Some organizations may choose to  to sell tickets to offset the screening fee and turn the screening into a fundraiser for their organization or for the NMB Foundation.

Why should I host a screening now?

We’ve had the pleasure of playing our film for thousands of people throughout the country, and have come to realize that whenever we’re able to bring the Burch Family, experts and the filmmakers to join the conversation, the dialogue takes on an entirely new dimension. They very much believe that this is a life-changing story and they work to make as many screenings as possible.

Can we play the film at our local theater?

Absolutely! We’re happy to work with you to help coordinate this possibility. The easiest way to start is by asking your local theater about the possibility of hosting a weekday showing.